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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes you still need the words!


What We Did

Script Writing

Footage Compiling

Production Management 

Dream Catcher

Dare to be Different, for no one can match it! –

Keep chasing your Dream, for someday you'll catch it!

It is the first day of school for six-year-old Dorian Hubble, and making new friends is so much trouble. While Dorian uses his imagination to dream of rockets, Martians, and outer space stations, his classmates laugh, giggle, and grin. Dorian feels sad and wonders if he will ever fit in. Later that night, Dorian uses his dream catcher to wish for a friend with the hope that his loneliness will disappear. But when his wish comes true, Dorian learns that if he believes in himself, even his wildest dreams can come true. As he takes a journey through the beautiful world of dreams, Dorian finds strength and happiness in a magical land filled with creatures both big and small. Dream Catcher is a captivating story that encourages children to dare to be different, chase their dreams, and discover the power of their imagination!


ISBN: 978-1-48080-326-8 

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The Lost Art

Even the Mona Lisa was once a blank canvas –

which means that we all have the potential to become a masterpiece.

Troublemaker. Delinquent. Nobody. These are the words used to describe Huey, an adolescent who has lost his way. During his initiation into the notorious “Two-Tone-Taggerz” crew, Huey is caught tagging graffiti on the newly renovated art gallery in town and is forced to become the apprentice of the gallery’s owner. His art teacher encourages him to use his talent as a means of self-expression and not destruction. Little does Huey know that he is in store for far more than just an ordinary art lesson. Embark on a mystical journey through the ages as young Huey experiences first hand the wonderful world of art through some of history’s most acclaimed works, such as the Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci, 1517) and many more. Time is of the essence in this captivating thriller as one “lost cause” seeks to find himself and discover the true meaning behind the “Lost Art.”


ISBN: 978-1-48081-669-5 

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